What Is Service ESC on Chevy Malibu?

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The Chevrolet Malibu is a mid-size sedan with comfort, good fuel economy, and modern features. Currently, it is a prime seller in the market and preferred by small families the most. It is designed for a group of five and has various security features. One of these features includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC). This article will cover everything you need to know about Service ESC on Chevy Malibu. 


What does Service ESC do on Chevrolet Malibu?

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a safety feature in Chevy Malibu that prevents cars from getting out of control in challenging driving conditions. To do so, the ESC uses the assistance of the car’s traction system, braking system, and tire pressure monitor system (TPMS). 

A practical application of the ESC is when a car starts skidding and getting out of control. An active ESC will detect this with the help of the TPMS and then automatically apply brakes to the outside front tires to slow down and help give control to the driver. 

The system is built with supreme detection and application capabilities and can be seen in most modern cars today. When the ESC is active, it indicates a light on the dashboard. 


Why is Service ESC essential in Chevrolet Malibu?

Like most safety tools in cars, ESC is essential because it can help prevent accidents and save lives. It prevents drivers from losing control of their vehicles, which is the primary reason why accidents occur in the first place. 

Even if you are in the abyss of no retreat, ESC can help reduce the accident’s severity by helping your car gain some control before impact. Moreover, it perfectly integrates with other safety measures, such as airbags, that ensure your life is always safe. It can explain why most modern car manufacturers have ESCs as an essential utility. 


What causes Service ESC light to stay on Chevy Malibu?

The Service ESC light turns on whenever it notices stability issues in your car. If it stays on even if the vehicle is running stable, it indicates that a stability control part of the car is malfunctioning. Here is a list of some probable causes the ESC light stays on in Chevrolet Malibu: 

1. The ESC was switched off manually

Most cars come with the option to toggle the ESC on and off. The choice is given to users that intentionally want to drift with their vehicles. However, switching off the ESC turns on the ESC light. If this is the reason your ESC light stays on, you don’t have to worry. Just switch on the ESC once you are done with your activity and must use the car in normal driving conditions. 

2. Faulty wheel speed monitoring system

Wheel speed monitoring is the first place the ESC looks at to detect instability. If one of these wheel speed sensors goes faulty, the ESC light will stay on as it will be unable to see any issues to correct for you. 

3. Faulty braking system

The braking system consists of various parts. Modern cars are equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) for instant brakes using ESC. If there is any malfunction in your car’s braking system, the ESC will notice that and indicate its light until you fix it. 

4. Electrical issues

Loose wiring or system disconnections can sometimes lead to the ESC light staying on. Your car may still function correctly, but these electrical issues can prevent some safety features from working. 

5. Uncalibrated steering angle

Steering angles and wheel monitoring work in tandem. If the steering angle reads incorrectly, the powertrain control module will tell the car computer that there are steering issues within the car, resulting in the ESC light staying on.


How to fix: ESC light stays on in Chevy Malibu.

There are various reasons for ESC light to stay on, but many ways exist to fix the issue. Here are some ways you can go about it: 

1. Activate ESC

ESC light indicates when the driver switches them off manually. It could’ve been done by mistake or by using the car in a way that requires the stability control system to stay off. In either case, switching on the ESC using the button provided in the vehicle can switch off the light indicator on the dashboard. 

2. Check for other dashboard lights

Modern dashboards are designed comprehensively, indicating all kinds of car faults. Check whether your dashboard displays any other issues. One of these issues can cause your ESC light to stay on. 

3. Adjust the steering angle

If your tires are not straight when you position the steering wheel in the center, the steering angle probably must be fixed. Adjusting the steering angle should help your ESC to function correctly and turn off the light in normal conditions. 

4. Get a service checkup 

Mechanics are skilled professionals whose job is to fix any vehicle-related issue. If you cannot fix the ESC light yourself, do not hesitate to get your car checked by a mechanic. They will precisely identify the root cause of the problem and help you fix it. 


How much does it cost to fix an ESC on Chevy Malibu?

The cost to fix ESC on Chevy Malibu varies depending on the root cause of the problem. If the entire ESC needs replacing, the system costs between $300 to $600, with labor costs ranging from $100 to $200. If the problem is caused by a minor part that can be easily fixed, it might only cost you $50-100 in total. 

Please refer to this video for a detailed information:


The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system is a revolutionary safety feature in modern cars that helps prevent accidents and save lives. It is commonly seen in vehicles such as Chevy Malibu intended for daily use by families. The article above covered everything you need to know about ESC in Chevy Malibu and how to fix it. 


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