Why Does the Car Shake When Starting?

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Have you ever faced the problem of your car shaking? It is not common and usually occurs when there is a problem with the car’s engine. 

Initially, you might ignore the problem, which is entirely typical, but if it occurs too often, this needs to be fixed. 

There could be a lot of reasons causing this shaking. Usually, it is caused due to cold weather, dirty fuel injectors, some loose engine parts, damaged spark plugs, bad mounts, out or discharged battery, etc.

If you have never faced this shaking car problem and are hearing it for the first time, you have nothing to worry about. We will help you figure out this problem.

We have compiled a guide for a detailed explanation of this problem and to elaborate on what to do if you ever face this situation. Otherwise, you will be stranded in the middle of nowhere.


Recognition Of The Shaking Phenomena Of the Car

Before we jump on to the solution to this problem, let’s discuss some of the ways to identify the issue. 

We have listed some of the things that indicate that you need to take the problem of your car shaking seriously. 

  • Jerk on the engine while accelerating.
  • Vibration in the car while driving 
  • Feeling vibration when you apply the brakes.
  • Shaking of the car while a slight collision.
  • The problem with turning the car 


What Causes the Shaking Of the Car While Starting?

As we have discussed above, there are a lot of reasons that may cause the shaking of the car while starting. One of the primary causes of the shaking is the problem with the engine.

Another principal reason is the lousy quality of fuel injectors. Wrong fuel usage will cause damage to the engine that will ultimately cause shaking. 

Cold weather is one of the leading causes of shaking. The lowering of the table causes the engine to work below its optimal levels and causes many problems, including shaking.

Low amounts of fuel in the car can also cause shaking. Checking the fuel every time you park your car will easily prevent this problem.

After some normal usage of the car, the parts of the car start to get loose. When the car is running, loose parts start shaking, due to which car vibration is caused.

The mounts of the car may be damaged or, in other words, worn out, which may lead to the car’s shaking while starting.

Another cause for the shaking of the car while starting is the brakes. Most of the stress while stopping a car is applied to the front brake of the car. Some components of the brake need to be replaced after some time.

Here is a detailed breakdown for you of all these causes. 

  • Low-Quality Fuel Usage

One of the primary causes of car shaking in the cold is using the wrong fuel. The wrong fuel is the result of the impurities mixed within the fuel. Fuel sellers generally do this to lower the fuel price. 

You can find out yourself about the purity of the fuel by putting it in water for some time. If the water settles down at the bottom, the fuel is entirely pure to use. 

  • Brakes

Another thing causing this problem is the damage to some of the brake’s components. There is a component in the brake that is known as the rotor. It’s a silver-colored round part in the brake system that needs a minor repair after some time. 

The damage in the rotor can cause the shaking of the car. That is why you should monitor your car brakes after a fixed little interval.

  • Imbalancement In the Wheels

Sometimes the shaking is not caused by internal engine problems. There are some cases when outside faults cause shaking. Now by external fault, the only thing that comes to mind is the problems with the tires. 

This is not always true; it can also be caused due to imbalancement in wheels. This may be caused due to a dented or bent wheel. The mud stuck within the wheels can also cause this issue which can be removed by visual inspection.

  • Cold Weather

The cold weather is also a well-known cause for the car’s shaking while starting. The cold and chill air breeze may lower the car engine’s performance, causing numerous problems.

  • Loose Parts Of the Car

Any automobile that is running several miles can experience the loosening up of its parts after some time. These parts, when loosened, may cause vibrations when the car is running, which causes the car’s shaking even while starting it. That is why every car user must check if any of the parts need tightening up after some time.


Final Words – Why Does the Car Shake When Starting?

In this guide, we have shared our experience about why a car shakes when starting from its introduction, recognition, fixes, and causes. This guide has concluded all the possible aspects of the car shaking from every direction.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in the future if you want to recognize and solve the shaking problem of your vehicle. 

We would like to know about your first experience when your car faced this shaking issue. You can tell us in the comment section!


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