[Fixed] Car Loses Power While Driving?

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Imagine going for a long drive and your car suddenly loses its power. What would you do? Panic? Don’t. Even though the situation is critical, it can be handled with some smart moves and a little bit of knowledge.

But how to get it? Don’t worry as we’re going to talk about the quick fixes that you can do if your car loses its power while driving. Also, we are going to talk about the causes, consequences and solutions. Thus, keep reading. 


1- Check if the fuel filter is clogged 

The first thing to check when your car suddenly loses power while driving is whether your fuel filter is clogged with some dirt or not. Talking about the role of the fuel filter ensures that the fuel is being filtered before reaching the engine.

If it is clogged, the fuel will not reach the engine and it can lead to issues such as cars stopping randomly. Your fuel filter will be located near the fuel tank. You can check it on your own if you have the basics of the same. For solving this issue, you need to get it cleaned or changed and it can only be performed by a mechanic. 


2- Check if the air filter is clogged

The way you have ensured the fuel filter, you also need to give a check on your vehicle’s air filter and see if it is clogged. The significance of having a working air filter in your car is vital as it ensures that no dust or dirt is entering the combustion chamber and the air is being fileted properly before reaching the engine.

No matter how safely you drive, your air filter will require a replacement after the completion of some thousands of miles. However, note that it will vary as per your driving and car. If it is clogged, there’s no other way than to get it replaced.


3- Give a check to the compression

One more reason that can be the main issue might be the low compression of your car’s cylinder. It is vital to have adequate cylinder compression and if it is lower than expectations, it may lead to issues such as the car losing its power. The compression will directly affect the engine and thus, you must get it checked by an expert.


4- Check the MAF sensor 

For those who aren’t aware of it, MAF stands for the mass airflow sensor that makes sure that enough amount of air is there in the car to accelerate. If it fails to do so, your car may stop working or can have another faulty failure as well. It is essential to measure the airflow in an adequate quantity and thus, your MAF sensor should be working correctly. To increase its capability of it, you must clean it regularly in a timely interval with the products meant for it. Also, make sure that it is not being heated for long. If you are driving your car for a long, give it a good amount of break to cool down.


5- Give a check on your fuel pump

Like the other given points, giving a proper check on your vehicle’s fuel pump is also vital. It will transfer your fuel tank’s fuel to the engine and if it fails to do so, your car will lose its power. However, it will not stop working suddenly. Rather, it will become weaker and won’t be able to deliver the right amount of fuel to the engine due to which you may experience such issues. Even though fuel pumps are an extremely important element of your car, you can get them replaced easily and at an affordable cost.


6- Give a check to the turbocharger

You may skip this point if your car has no relation to it. but if it does, you must check and ensure that the turbocharger of your vehicle is working well. If it is not, you will find uneasiness while driving your car. The first thing to do is to check if the pipe is fitted fine or not because if not, you just have to get it fitted and it will again supply the horsepower to your car’s engine. However, if it is and still not working, it might be damaged and in this case, you can do nothing except for getting it changed.


7- Check your spark plugs

Lastly, if everything else is working fine and your car still loses its power suddenly, you must take a look at your car’s spark plugs. Not many people know, but it is also a crucial component that aids in transmitting the electrical signal to the combustion chamber of your vehicle. And if it isn’t working, your engine will stop performing and can also lose its power.


Wrapping up,

These were the fixes that you can go for if your car stops working all of sudden. Even though we have included all the essential points, please do not hesitate to take expert help if you are still not able to make it on. For any questions, please comment below.




1- What causes loss of power while accelerating?

Although there could be plenty of reasons why your car loses power while accelerating, you must check the fuel flow and the airflow first and go for the other faults once you are sure that these two are working well. 

2-How do you fix the loss of power when accelerating?

If you wish to fix the loss of power in your car while accelerating, then you must check your car’s fuel filter and see if it is clogged. It is easy to get it replaced. However, if you’re unsure about the process, check with your nearby mechanic. 

3- How to know the reason behind the car losing its power?

There’s no definite way of finding a reason in a jiffy. However, you can go through the points mentioned here and see if the problem still persists. In most cases, you would find the issue within these points only. 


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