Where Is Ford Bank 2 Sensor 1 Located?

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Ford is known for its wide range of vehicles that cater to all kinds of drivers and lifestyles. No matter which car you buy from them, you always get a quality product backed by a homegrown innovative design. 

Being in the business for over a century has helped Ford build vehicles comprising complex parts that outclass its competitors. One such part is the Ford Bank 2 Sensor 1. This article will cover everything you need to know about this sensor. 


What is Ford Bank 2 Sensor 1?

The Bank 2 Sensor 1 (B2S1) is an oxygen sensor located in the exhaust system of a Ford car. Its job is to measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust system and calibrate it with the engine control module (ECM) for a proper air-fuel ratio in the car. 

A proper air-fuel ratio in any car helps the car’s engine function efficiently, using minimal fuel to produce as much energy as possible. It also helps elongate the life span of car parts and the vehicle. 


Where can Ford Bank 2 Sensor 1 be found?

Bank 2 Sensor 1 is located in the engine bank containing cylinder number 2. It is the first sensor in the bank and can be referred to as the O2 sensor for easy identification. To find the O2 sensor in Ford cars, you must discover Bank 2. 

As Ford cars come in a variety, the location of Bank 2 Sensor 1 can vary. However, it is usually on the front, either the driver’s or passenger’s side. If you know how to locate the car’s 2nd cylinder, you will easily mark the O2 sensor. 

How to find Ford Bank 2 Sensor 1?

Ford’s Bank 2 Sensor 1 is located in Bank 2. Therefore, before finding the sensor, you need to locate Bank 2. The banks are placed differently depending on the car type. Here are a few steps you can follow to get to Bank 2 Sensor 1 on any Ford car: 

1. Look in the user manual

Every Ford car comes with a user manual that can be used to learn everything about the vehicle. It comes with a pictorial representation that shows the precise location of the Bank 2 Sensor 1 in the car. Look to which side it is in the diagram, then head to your vehicle. 

2. Find the exhaust manifold

The exhaust manifold is a heat-resistant tube connected to the car engine. Its job is to collect exhaust gasses from cylinders and lead them to the exhaust system. The exhaust manifold is located on the side of Bank 2, very near to it. You will now find Bank 2, as shown in the user manual.

3. Find the cylinder

After locating Bank 2, you must find the cylinder to locate the O2 sensor. Follow the user manual and see which one contains the sensor to find it. If you are near the catalytic converter, you are very close to the sensor. It is worth noting that if your car is a repaired model, these parts’ locations could have been tampered with. In this case, you will need to take an expert’s help. 


Bank 2 Location by car (Ford)

Here is a list of Bank 2 locations in some Ford cars: 

  1. Ford Bronco: Located on the exhaust end right before the catalytic converter
  2. Ford Ranger: Located on the driver’s side right before the catalytic converter
  3. Ford Fiesta: Located on the passenger’s side before the catalytic converter
  4. Ford Mustang: Located on the passenger’s side in front of the catalytic converter
  5. Ford Fusion: Located on the exhaust end by the radiator
  6. Ford Taurus: Located by the radiator before the catalytic converter

Ford cars come with different configurations as per their lineup. However, these parts can get rearranged by the year of release, depending on changes made to the year’s lineup. Therefore, getting a professional’s help or using the car manual is always the best bet to locate Bank 2. 


Why should I know where to find Bank 2 Sensor 1?

Most car owners buy their cars and go about it with a YOLO motto without knowing about their health. Learning parts of your car is always helpful. In terms of Bank 2 Sensor 1, here are some reasons you should know about its location: 

1. Analyzing engine issues

Oxygen sensors provide oxygen data to the engine control module (ECM), which helps maintain the air-fuel ratio for efficient fuel consumption. 

The car may run poorly using more fuel if this ratio isn’t maintained. Not only will this hinder your experience, but it will also damage your car parts. The B2S1 sensor is a great area to look at to diagnose any engine-related issues. 

2. Replacements and repairs

As with all car parts, oxygen sensors have an expiration date. You can check whether the B2S1 sensor is operating correctly. If not, you can get it replaced or repaired manually or with the help of an experienced person. 

3. Passing emission tests

Your car’s oxygen sensor plays a crucial role in passing emission tests. If the sensor is faulty, the vehicle will likely fail the test. Knowing its location can go a long way, as you can check it before taking the test. 


How often should you replace Ford Bank 2 Sensor 1?

The B2S1 in Ford cars can run for several years before requiring a replacement. It should function correctly for at least 100,000 miles before needing a replacement unless the part was damaged in an accident. 

Here is a detailed video tutorial that will help you locate and replace Bank 2 sensor 1. 


The B2S1 sensor is an essential part of any car. It is one of the significant elements integrated with the car engine for efficient fuel consumption. Without it, your vehicle will likely suffer from engine damage, emissions, and decreased performance. 

Therefore, knowing where the sensor is located can go a long way. In the article above, we discussed everything you need to know about Ford’s Bank 2 Sensor 1 (O2 sensor). 


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