What Are Premium Wheels? (Alloy vs. Premium Wheels)

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If you own a car and want it to run smoothly on the road with nothing coming in its way, you need to spend on good wheels. 

But with the increasing number of cars in the market, there has been a massive influx of companies making wheels in the market, making it hard to decide what kind of wheels to go for. 

However, if you are on this blog, you must have done your fair share of research and are now wondering about premium wheels. 

Don’t worry; even if you are a beginner with no idea about wheels, we have your back. 

To start with, we will explain to you the introduction of premium wheels and will look into their benefits and some flaws accompanying them. 

We will also proceed by comparing premium wheels with regular alloy wheels to make a choice easier for you. 

So, don’t go anywhere and keep on reading to the end of this article to get all your answers. 


What Is the Meaning of Premium Wheels? 

Premium wheels are aluminum alloy wheels, but the thing that makes them premium and high-class is the chrome coating on them. 

Manufacturers tend to coat these wheels with high-quality chrome that doesn’t only give them a luxurious feel but adds a lot to their strength and reliability. 

Generally, the wheels used with luxurious cars from brands like Sedan, Mercedez, etc., are premium wheels. The enamel coating over them gives them a much more elegant look. 

Though the overall reliability of the wheel increases significantly due to the application of an additional high-end coating at the top, this doesn’t have many engineering benefits. The main area where a premium wheel surpasses a standard wheel is still the appearance front. 

Coming towards the meaning of premium wheels and how to define them, it would take a lot of work to box the definition together. It’s because their definition varies depending on the manufacturers. 

For some manufacturers, one thing is premium, or some specific factor makes a wheel premium, while for others, this factor is different. So, to solve this confusion and come up with one definition many of these manufacturers agree on, they narrowed it down to the presence of chrome coating at the top. 

Another thing that makes these wheels premium is their size. Premium wheels are usually assumed to be slightly larger in size compared to aluminum wheels. Though it might not be true for all of them, most of the time, this does stand true. 

As far as the raw materials used in making premium wheels are concerned, they are produced using 60% aluminum and about 40% magnesium in their making, along with some other materials and the metal itself. 

Also, these wheels are lightweight compared to other regular wheels you will find in the market. Due to this, premium wheels’ acceleration and braking efficiency are much better than what you get from standard wheels used by local brands. 

As mentioned earlier, premium wheels are primarily appreciated for their appearance. Thanks to the high percentage of aluminum used in making these wheels, it gets easier to customize them and design them differently.

Unlike other wheels that lack premium coating and have a much lower percentage of aluminum, premium wheels are convenient to carve designs on. This way, you can get them done per your preference and make them look more appealing to the eyes.


How to Identify Premium Wheels? 

Now that you know what factors work together in making wheels premium, it’s time to know how to identify if the wheels you have gotten your hands on are premium. 

If you have gotten your hands on luxurious cars before, you might have already seen premium wheels without realizing it. The first thing that will let you know whether a wheel is premium is its appearance. 

Premium wheels are a lot more attractive and elegant compared to standard wheels. As a large portion of aluminum and magnesium is used in their productions, you can get help from a magnet for identification. 

For the magnet test, all you need to do is bring the magnet a little closer to the wheel, and if the wheel grasps it, it will be made of steel which would mean that your wheel is not high-quality. On the contrary, if the wheel fails to attract the magnet, rest assured that the raw material used in its making is top-notch.

Here is a YouTube video that can help you differentiate between a chrome(premium) wheel and aluminum wheel: 

Benefits of Using Premium Wheels 

Investing in an expensive or premium product is possible if you are sure it has many added benefits and advantages. The case with premium wheels is no different, and once you can grab the premium wheels for your car, you surely will realize this. 

If this is your first time considering getting premium wheels for your vehicle, and you need more clarification about its benefits, we have you covered. 

Here are some of the top benefits of using premium wheels explained in detail for you.

  • Reliability 

When it comes to wheels in general, it’s crucial to invest in a product that you are sure about. Simply put, you cannot just buy any random wheel if you don’t know the reliability it offers. 

But guess what? Premium wheels are known for the durability and reliability they offer. They will provide you with tremendous support on the road; even if the wheel gets cracked, you can repair it and use it for a long time.

The only time when you really have to think about changing your premium wheels is when the paint or the upper coating starts getting chipped. As evident from the introduction of premium wheels above, you know that their chrome coating is what makes them unique. 

Once the coating gets off, the wheels won’t be able to provide you with the reliability and durability they are known for. 

  • Fuel Usage 

One of the biggest perks of using premium wheels is saving up on a lot of fuel. If you have been using cars or other vehicles for some time, you must be aware of how the car’s weight is directly related to the fuel it uses. 

As stated earlier, premium wheels are much lighter in weight than other standard wheels you can find in the market. Their low weight, in turn, means that the vehicle you are going to use them on will weigh less, eventually reducing the fuel your car will burn. 

This is one of the reasons why many people don’t mind investing in premium wheels because, at the end of the day, it will surely save them a lot of money. 

  • High Strength 

Like durability, a wheel’s strength is equally important in giving you the confidence to take your vehicle out on the road. Regarding strength, premium wheels are known to be much more efficient in handling harsh road conditions and running smoothly on highways than other wheels.  

With premium wheels, you won’t have to worry about your car stopping on uneven roads and facing the hurdles you might find on the way. 

The case with standard wheels is completely otherwise, as they tend to make your vehicle struggle a lot when the road conditions are not smooth. 

  • Speed 

In addition to reducing the fuel your vehicle will burn, the lightweight of premium wheels will also ensure that your car moves quickly on the road. 

It is common sense that light objects are likely to glide more easily on surfaces than heavier ones, which is precisely the case with premium wheels. They will move swiftly on the road and provide you with the much-needed comfort you want while driving in your sports cars. 

Contrary to this, the standard steel wheels are heavier and might be a hurdle for your car to glide swiftly on the road. You might also face troubles while racing up your vehicles due to the heavy weight of alloy wheels. 

  • Engine Life 

As premium wheels are much lightweight compared to the standard vehicles in the market, the pressure they exert on the car’s motor is relatively less. 

Thanks to this, the power your car’s engine has to use reduces significantly, eventually adding to the engine’s overall durability and efficiency. But to be frank, this is not much different from other wheels.  

  • Appearance 

There was no need left to mention this point, but as we are talking about all the good things about premium wheels, we might consider their appearance again. 

These wheels are topped with chrome coating that gives a luxurious shine to them and adds to the overall elegance and decency of the product. Even if you don’t own a high-class vehicle, installing premium wheels will uplift its value manifolds. 

This gives them a significant edge over other wheels that don’t just look cheap but sometimes take away the luxuriousness from your vehicles. 

  • Raw Materials 

The raw materials used in manufacturing premium wheels belong of a much higher quality than those you find in standard wheels. Some of these raw materials include carbon fiber, magnesium, and large aluminum portions. 

This doesn’t only adds to the lifespan of the wheels but makes them sturdier and more robust. In turn, you won’t have to worry about the bad road conditions anymore and can move freely in your car without worrying about the wheels. 

On the other hand, steel wheels use large steel portions, as evident by the magnet test we stated earlier. This is why they won’t last you a long time and tend to wear out quickly. 


Downsides Of Using Premium Wheels 

  • Short Life

Though premium wheels are a lot more robust and durable compared to other wheels in the market, you still can’t be sure of their longevity. 

If we consider only the performance of these wheels, they will surely last you an extended amount of time. Still, unlike other premium products in the market, there is no guarantee for the longevity of these wheels. 

The best part is that you can repair the wheels after damage and use them again, but you won’t be able to keep up with them for a long time. 

  • High Maintenance 

Premium wheels are high maintenance compared to standard wheels in the market. As these wheels are more aesthetically pleasing and have a lot of designing going on them compared to standard wheels, you will face a lot of difficulties trying to save them from getting damaged. 

Due to the intricate material used in craving designs on the wheels, they get prone to damage. Their cleaning also gets much more complicated, and there will always be a chance of damage while you clean them. 

So, if you are not good with handling fragile products, you better avoid the premium wheels. 

  • Vehicle-Specific 

Another thing about premium wheels you need to wrap your mind around before investing in them is that they are only suitable for some of the vehicles in the market. 

In fact, with premium wheels, you have very few options in the market. Mainly these wheels are used with sports cars and cars from high-end brands like Sedan, Mercedez, etc. 

Thus, before spending your hard-earned money on their purchase, ensure they go with your vehicle. 

  • Price 

This is one thing about premium wheels that stops many people from getting them. There is a significant difference between the price of premium and standard wheels in the market. The price gap is so huge, with the premium wheels being too expensive, that you might need more money to afford them. 


How Are Alloy Wheels Different From Premium Wheels? (Alloy vs. Premium Wheels) 

Now that you have a good idea of what exactly premium wheels are and have looked at all the benefits and downsides, we will provide you with a brief comparison of these wheels with the alloy ones you will often see around.

We are keeping the comparison brief as there are literally slight differences between alloy and premium wheels. For instance, both of them are made up of 40% magnesium and 60% aluminum, with the only difference being that the other raw materials used in premium wheels are more top-notch than those used in making alloy wheels. 

The main difference between these two wheels is their appearance. When it comes to strength, speed, price, and even weight, both these wheels stand at the same bar, but with alloy wheels, you won’t find the chrome coating at the top. 

Conclusion – What Are Premium Wheels? (Alloy vs. Premium Wheels)

In this guide, we have incorporated everything you need to know regarding premium wheels to help you decide whether you want these for your vehicle or not. We have also included a brief comparison of premium wheels with other standard wheels in the market and alloy wheels. 

Hopefully, all your misconceptions regarding premium wheels are addressed now, and you are at a much better place to make your final decision. Happy Riding! 


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