Solved- White Smoke From the Hood When AC Is On

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Did you stop your car in between your long drive to know why this white smoke from the hood is coming when AC is on? Well, worry not; you have landed in a suitable place, as today we will discuss the same here. Not just the causes but also the solutions. Excited? Let’s roll into it.

Reasons why there’s white smoke from the hood when AC is on

There are plenty of reasons for this issue, and to know which one fits your bill, go through the given-mentioned list of causes.


An issue in the compressor clutch

One of the most common issues that can lead to white smoke from the hood is some issue in the compressor clutch. The smoke might not be produced from the AC vent but from another component of the car and may get stored there. And if that happens, it may lead to overheating and start producing smoke itself.

Drain hole clogged

Condensation is a foremost thing that will happen while using the AC; drain hole availability is crucial. However, if the drain hole is clogged, the accumulated water will turn into steam (due to the heat of your AC) and be stored in your AC vent. After that, you can see that spreading inside your car.

High humidity

High humidity is another cause for the white smoke from the hood while the AC is on. If the humidity level is less than usual, the fog will start forming and get stuck into your AC vent. Note that it has no odor and is likely to be issueless.

+Component issue

Wear and tear of a component could also be the reason for the sudden white smoke coming out of your AC. You might experience that burning smell while driving the car due to overheating. In such cases, we recommend you stop the vehicle and check for the issue, which could lead to more significant problems.

Low oil

If you haven’t used enough oil in your car in which the oil is depleted, your car’s AC may start heating up and produce white smoke. Although it is vital to use an appropriate amount of oil timely in our vehicles, check the last time when you changed the oil to know whether it is the correct issue or not.


How to fix white smoke from the hood when ac is on issue?

Now that you know the problem, it is time to understand how to fix it. Here comes the central part, how to fix this issue? Let’s scroll it down.

Go for replenishing the coolant

If you often use the heater in your car, the core may start leaking, due to which the smoke will begin forming and coming out of AC vents. Check if it is icy, and if it is, your coolant level is extremely low. And if it is low and depleting faster, replenishing the coolant will solve your issue.

Go for a new compressor clutch

If you understand that the problem is your compressor clutch, replacing it will surely fix the issue, as it might be a long and complex process. And even if it gets fixed, chances are high that you may start experiencing the issues again soon. Thus, going for the new one (as per the situation of your current compressor clutch) will aid.

Change the oil of your car

If you have witnessed the issue and it is your car’s oil, the best option would be to change it. Your dashboard will show the level of oil and if you find it low than the average, fill it up.

Remove the clogged drain hole

If the clogged drain hole is causing the smoke, removing it will fix it. However, it would be best to get it done by professionals only.

Go for professional help

If you have figured out where the burning smell is coming from in your car, it is advisable to try fixing it only if you’re an expert. Go for a professional mechanic who can appropriately resolve the issue.

Wrapping up,

You can try on these solutions and fix the issue yourself. However, if you require expert help, contact a professional mechanic and get it done. For any queries, comment down and let us know.



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