What Does the Snow Button Do in a Toyota Highlander?

Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash

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Not sure about the Snow mode in your Highlander? This guide will explain everything you need to know about Toyota Highlander snow mode and how to activate it. So Stay tuned.

Since 2000, Highlander has been one of the top-selling mid-size SUVs from the Japanese automobile giant Toyota. Particularly in the US, the model is famous for its advanced features, driving modes, and overall performance. 

One of the most notable features of Highlander is Snow Mode which adjusts the performance of the vehicle according to snowy conditions. However, there is visible confusion regarding the usability of Snow Mode and its effect on the car’s performance. 

In this article, I will talk about Highlander Snow mode and how to turn it on to increase the vehicle’s drivability. 


Toyota Highlander Snow Mode

A few high-end models from Toyota, including Sienna, Venza, and Highlander, are equipped with a useful Snow Mode feature. Not only does it help with the vehicle’s drivability, but it also manages the inside temperature to keep the passengers warm. 

Switching to Snow mode will help you tackle the brutal snowy weather easily, and you can reach home instead of waiting for the temperature to be precise. This mode adjusts some aspects of the car to optimize its performance, which is better suited for snowy conditions. 

It can be beneficial if you get hit by heavy snowfall while driving. With Snow mode on, the vehicle is better equipped to handle chilly weather and slippery roads. But how does it work? Let’s take a look:

1. Increases Interior Temperature

Snow mode increases the temperature of the interior of the car. When you press the Snow mode button, it activates the heated windshield and front seat heating.

You need to press the Snow mode button and hold it until you have the preferred temperature.  

2. Throttle Management

Snow mode also optimizes the throttle application to provide you a steady driving. As you switch to the Snow mode, the throttle becomes less responsive to the pressure you apply and gives you a little more control over the car without slipping. 

You can drive faster without going all the way down on the throttle pedal. It also controls wheel spinning and sideways movement in slippery conditions. As a result, the wheel has better contact with the surface, giving you more authority over the steering wheel. 

3. Transmission

With Snow mode on, the transmission will automatically start from the second gear. It helps reduce wheelspin when you begin driving on slippery snow. It also reduces the chances of an accidental shift to the reverse gear. 

4. Wheel Control

Based on the conditions, the Snow mode regulates the power to each wheel to balance wheel movement. As a result, the tires produce identical gripping to the surface, which reduces the chances of spinning the car. 


Toyota Highlander Snow Mode: What Are The Benefits?

Let’s look at the advantages of having the Snow mode in your vehicle:

  • A perfect car for first-time drivers who are not experienced in handling a vehicle in such conditions. 
  • A more drivable car for mountains or on roads covered with snow. And increased traction control makes it easier to operate the vehicle in tricky conditions. 
  • It makes it easier to take your car out of the snow. Snow Mode regulates the traction for each wheel to give them enough power to make better contact with the surface. 


How to Turn On Snow Mode?

To activate Snow mode, you must press the Snow Mode button on the center console. Look for the switch with the snow sign between the cup holder and the gear shift. Press and hold it until you have the desired temperature in the car. 

As you hit the button, the car will drive in Snow mode, adjusting the throttle, transmission, and wheel balance for slippery conditions. Less acceleration, brake balance, and transmission shift will provide high traction control, thus creating a more drivable car. 



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