[SOLVED] Oil Pressure Engine Off VW

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Imagine driving your Volkswagen on a smooth road and getting the “oil pressure engine off” message on your dashboard. What would you do? First of all, calm down because we’ve got you covered. 

Low oil pressure is an issue that you may encounter irrespective of what car or model you drive. And the first and foremost thing you need to do is to stop your car right there. Once you have parked your car safely, go through this extensive guide for the same. 


Explaining the low oil pressure- What is it?

One thing that is for sure is that you can not solve an issue without going to its roots. In other words, it is vital to understand the issue first before looking for a solution. Low oil pressure basically means that your car’s engine is not able to produce enough oil pressure required to lubricate the rotating components. 

Now that the engine isn’t producing enough oil, it may result in situations like metal-on-metal and can lead to crank wear, rod knock, bearing failure, etc. And therefore, it is advisable to quickly stop the car to save it from such consequences. 


What causes the oil pressure engine off in VW?- The causes

Now that you know what this issue means, it is also imperative to know the reasons for the issue as well. Primarily, there are three reasons for this issue that we’re going to mention below in a well-explained method. Let’s scroll it down.


  1. Due to low oil level

One of the most basic things one can do is to check the engine oil dipstick and see if the oil level is low or not. If it is lower than the minimum level, it could be the possible reason for your oil pressure engine off. Many a time, due to some leakage or the fact that your car is quite used and old, it may show a low oil level even when you’ve just refilled it. Thus, it is advisable to get it checked on a dipstick. 

  1. Blocked sump screen

The other cause that may be the reason for the issue is that the sump screen may be blocked. If the fluid tube gauze filter is blocked with something, the tube as a result won’t be able to take any fluid inside. And to check whether the tube gauze is clogged or not, try dropping some oil pan and see if it is clogging the mesh screen or not. If it isn’t able to siphon enough amount of oil, it won’t be able to pressurize it. 

  1. Increased bearing clearances due to bearing failure

It is quite understandable that as your car ages, the components of it will start causing issues. And if you do have a faulty bearing, the chances of this issue will increase up to 80%. Although it is not advisable to check for it yourself, if you have basic knowledge of it, you can diagnose the issue (depending on the model of your car). To know if you can do it yourself or not, refer to the factory service manual of your car and see if it can be done via DIY.


How to fix oil pressure engine off issue

Talking about the solution, there are two things that can be done to solve this issue. Let us talk about them below-

Step 1- Turn off your car

The very first thing you can do is to turn off your car and not restart it no matter what. This step will not only save your car from any further damage but you too.

Step 2- Check for the oil level

As mentioned above, one of the causes of your oil pressure engine being off could be the low level of oil. Check and ensure that it is low. If not, contact a professional and check the limit of fluid your car requires to start again. Once it reaches a certain level, start your car back and drive it for around five seconds.

While driving check if the warning light is still there or off. If it turns off in a few seconds, you’re good to go. However, if not, stop your car and take some assistance from an expert for further steps. Until then, do not drive back. 

Steps to check the level of oil pressure

But how to check the level of oil pressure on your own? If you know it, half of your work will be done. Let us find out here step by step-

  • First, know the right switch and disengage the electrical connector. 
  • As per the options, apply the socket and take the sensor out.
  • Now using the correct tread sizing, connect the manual/mechanical gauge to the port. Ensure that it is well-fitted.
  • Now turn your car on for a moment and quickly go through the reading on your gauge. If the sign shows that it is lower than the minimum level, turn off your car. 

Note- Make sure that while attempting the whole process, you keep yourself safe and usage of any tool should only be attempted if you have any prior knowledge to use it. Otherwise, seeking a professional guide will aid.


Wrapping up,

It was all about how you can handle the oil pressure engine off situation of your VG car. Although we have covered every essential in this guide, if you still have a doubt, feel free to comment below and our expert will get back to you asap. Also, please know to avoid any worse case, if you find hassle doing DIY, please seek professional help.



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