Does Corvette Have Back Seat? Some Corvette Models Reviewed!

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Are you planning to get yourself a Corvette but are unsure if it comes with a backseat? Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of people out there who need clarification on whether Corvette features a backseat or not. 

Unfortunately, Corvettes do not come with back seats. Though there have been rumors regarding the presence of a rear seat in Corvette in the past, none of them, from C1 to C6, feature a back seat. As for the C8 Corvette, which is not out on the market yet, the manufacturers will supposedly place the engine in the place of the back seat. 

We have put together a detailed guide for you explaining if corvettes feature back seats, along with an overview of some of the Corvette models released so far. We will also include a little detail on the interior design of the Corvettes for your better understanding. 


Do You Get a Back Seat in Corvette? 

If you have been eyeing Corvette for a long time but can’t muster up the courage to get one, you are at the right place. 

Corvette has a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. Being a luxury sports car, it has gathered huge fans ever since the first model hit the market in 1953. 

Though Corvette is loved by millions of people across the globe, many people are confused about its interior. The most significant confusion in the market is regarding the presence of a rear seat on this luxury car. 

For users wanting a car that gives a luxurious feel but has ample seating space to fit most people in their family, there are better options than Corvette. Unfortunately, this longest-running car in America doesn’t feature a back seat. 

All you get inside a Corvette are two bucket seats in a single row, each with sufficient space to comfortably fit a single individual. As far as the back seat area is concerned, it is present but doesn’t have seats. 

Most users owning a Corvette use the small area at the back of the seats for storage purposes. Moreover, the latest C8 model released by this brand comes with a battery attached to the space at the back. 


An Overview Of Some Corvette Models 

Now that you have a basic idea that Corvettes don’t come with a back seat, you perhaps have the answer with you. 

But to make things easier for you and make you understand the whole seating arrangement of Corvettes, let us take you through an overview of some Corvette models to date. This way, you won’t have any confusion left in your mind. 

Does Corvette C1 Come With a Back Seat?

Let’s start with the first model in Michigan on June 30, 1953. As this was the first year of producing this luxurious car, only 300 units were made. 

The C1 Corvette features an all-black canvas with a Polo White body. It was a two-seat car, and the space behind these cars contained the 150 horsepower 3.9L I6 engine. It means that there was no back seating arrangement in the car. 

Moreover, unlike the later models where the backspace was left for storage, this car had the backspace covered by a hood containing the engine. 

The moment this car got revealed to the press and the general public, it became an icon. Some of the features that worked together in making its design iconic include the compact styling of the car, its white-walled wheels, and the tailights in retro style. 

Instead of a steel oyster covering that adds to the car’s overall weight, this model used fiberglass, making it lightweight. 

Do You Get Back Seats in Corvette 2020 Model? 

If you think you can get the latest Corvette Model for the back seats you want in your car, you would probably be disappointed to know that it’s not the case. 

Although Corvettes have evolved, and there has been a lot of improvement in their design, look, and overall feel, you still can’t find a rear seat, even in the newer models. 

That’s the case with Corvette 2020 as well. Being a sport vehicle, this car only has two seats in the front and is not suitable for families. 

So, consider another option if you want to travel with your children in this car. 

Do Corvettes 2021 Have Back Seats?

Like the earlier models, the Corvettes 2021 also lack back seats. But this car’s additional feature is the front convertible seats. 

The front seats in this car are highly comfortable, featuring an adjustable seatbelt having electrical switches. Using these switches, you could adjust your seat in eight different positions. 

Thanks to this car’s flexibility, you can move the seat forward as much as you want and recline it backward in the position you find comfort in. 

However, the absence of a rear seat makes this car inappropriate for traveling with friends and family. But if you want a luxurious vehicle with a back seat, you can consider other options like the 2020 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe or the BMW 4-Series 2020. 


Is It Possible to Place a Back Seat in Corvettes? 

When it comes to back seats in corvettes, many users wonder if they can install rear seats in this car separately. 

This might sound like an exciting way out, but sadly, this is not possible with Corvettes’ compact construction. 

As mentioned earlier, most of the Corvettes, significantly the earlier models, don’t even feature free space behind the seats. The backspace is, in fact, utilized by placing engines there. So, there won’t be any space available for you to install rear seats into the car. 

Though you get space in the C2 model, it isn’t enough to contain a back seat which is why Corvettes don’t make up a good family car, unlike Sedans and Mercedes. 


Conclusion – Does Corvette Have Back Seat? Some Corvette Models Reviewed! 

We hope this guide has cleared all your misconceptions regarding the presence of back seats in Corvettes. Although the absence of rear seats might be a big turn-off for most users eyeing a Corvette, it’s not a great idea to lift your hands off of this icon just because of this. 

A Corvette has much more to offer than a back seat. This vehicle’s classic design and fiberglass body are rare in other luxurious cars. So, if money is not a problem for you, there is no harm in getting yourself the latest Corvette. 


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