What Does Check Emission System Mean? And How to Reset It?

What Does Check Emission System Mean? And How to Reset It?
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Have you ever wondered what the check emission system on your car dashboard means? It’s one of those things that can seem fairly technical, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help.

If you’ve checked the emission system and nothing seems wrong, you can reset the warning light. Learn more about your emission system and how to get your warning lights to work correctly.


What Does It Mean When Your Dashboard Says Check Emission?

When you see this message on your dashboard, it’s important to understand what you should do about it. You must ensure that your vehicle’s emissions are as low as possible for any given driving cycle (i.e., how far you drive each day).

If you want to do better than that, ensure that your vehicle has been tuned up properly. If you’ve got a diesel-powered vehicle, you might also want to consider getting a tune-up from a specialty shop instead of regular maintenance.


What Does the Emission System in a Car Do?

The emission system in a car does exactly what it sounds like – it reduces or eliminates the harmful emissions that come from the car. These emissions can be anything from carbon dioxide (CO2) to nitrogen oxide (NOx) to hydrocarbons (HC).

The primary purpose of an emission system is to convert these harmful substances into something harmless, such as water vapor. The process is called “regeneration.”

For example, when you burn fuel in your car, you’re actually burning carbon monoxide (CO), which is toxic. However, once that CO has been converted into carbon dioxide and water vapor, it’s not toxic anymore!


What Happens if You Drive With the Check Emission System Light On?

If you drive with the check emission system light on, it means that your vehicle’s emission control system is not working correctly. This can be because of a fault in the system or an issue with your vehicle’s emissions control equipment. You should contact a service professional as soon as this light comes on.


Is the Emission System Important in a Car?

Yes, the emission system is important in a car. The primary purpose of the emission system is to reduce harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides released into the air.


What Is the Best Way To Fix the Check Emission System Message on Your Dashboard?

Driving Around

A faulty light is a common problem with the dashboards of many vehicles. This problem is usually caused by a loose connection in the wiring harnesses. If you have this problem, try driving around for about half an hour to reset the dashboard warning light.

Switching Car Off and On

Another way to reset the dashboard lights is to turn the ignition key off and then turn it back on. Once you do this thrice, you will see the dash lights flashing. This indicates they’ve been reset.

Battery Cable

The dashboard lights can also be reset by disconnecting the battery’s positive cable. Start by disconnecting the positive cable from the battery terminals with a wrench or any other tool. This will cause the dashboard lights to go out, but it will not affect any other vehicle components.


What Is the Cost To Fix the Emission System of a Car?

The cost to fix the emission system of a car depends on the severity of the problem and the type of vehicle. For example, if it is a simple fix, it might cost about $200. However, it could be much more expensive if you have a significant problem with the emissions system – like not starting or emitting high levels of carbon monoxide.


How Long Can I Drive if My Emission Warning Light Is On?

If your car’s emission warning light is on, you should get it inspected right away. Your vehicle’s emissions control system is designed to protect you and other drivers by reducing harmful emissions. This system helps prevent damage to catalytic converters or catalytic mufflers, which can be caused by carbon monoxide (CO) or exhaust gases.


What Can Damage My Car’s Emission System?

Your car’s emission system is an integral part of your vehicle’s functionality. However, it’s also susceptible to damage from various sources. Some of the most common causes of emission system damage include:

  • A mechanical failure that causes a loss of power to the catalytic converter
  • An electrical failure that causes a loss of power to the ECU (engine control unit)
  • Failure due to improper installation or maintenance 



It’s important to know when to get your emissions system checked. If you see some or all of these signs, your emission system needs a checkup. Having your emissions system checked involves an inspection of the emissions and fuel delivery systems, and it has to be done regularly.

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