[Fixed] Red Car With Key Symbol on Dashboard Nissan

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A lot of people want to know why they’re getting the “red car” with a key symbol on their dashboard Nissan. It can get frustrating not knowing what the car with the key symbol refers to. This article will tell you the exact reasons and troubleshooting steps. The below video will also help you understand more about the car with key flashing symbol.


What Is the Meaning of the Car With Key Symbol Appearing on the Dashboard?

The car with key symbol indicates that the anti-theft system is in operation. This light is a confirmation that the security systems are properly functioning.

If your key is not in the ignition and you see the car with key light flashing, you should know that the alarm system is functioning. The light will also flash if your engine is locked or off.

If this light is on or flashing, you can start your vehicle, and there is no need to panic. If you, however, see the sign flashing even after driving for a while, there may be an underlying issue with the vehicle.


What Are the Reasons if the Car With Key Sign Keeps Illuminating?

Immobilizer System

If you see that the car with key symbol is flashing even when your engine is on, then there could be something wrong with the immobilizer system in your Nissan. The light usually flashes when the system does not recognize the key inserted in the ignition.

Most Nissan transponder keys have a little battery in them. This helps them give out a code to the immobilizer system of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not receive the code, it may be possible that the battery in the key may be low. Changing the battery will make the car with key symbol to stop flashing.

Anti-Theft System

If you’re about to start your Nissan and you see the car with key symbol flashing, and you’re unable to get the engine running, there could be a problem with the anti-theft system of the vehicle.

There could be multiple reasons for this happening. The first is the anti-theft system does not recognize the key. Another reason could be that the keyless system and the sensor module for your anti-theft system are faulty.

In such a scenario, you can again try changing the battery for the key and see if the anti-theft system detects it. If this doesn’t work, you would need to get the anti-theft system checked by a professional.


What Are the Ways to Reset the Car With Key Symbol Showing Up on Your Nissan Dashboard?

Luckily, there are a few ways to reset the car with key symbol flashing on your Nissan dashboard. The first method is to park the car and try to lock and unlock it a couple of times. This usually helps reset the car with key symbol on the dashboard.

You can also try starting your car a couple of times. If the car with key symbol still does not disappear, you should try another key to operate your car. If this works, get the first key replaced by Nissan.

If none of this works, try switching off the engine about three seconds after you start it. Again, if none of these work, get your Nissan checked by a service professional.


Is It Still Advisable To Drive With the Key Symbol Showing Up on Your Dashboard?

If you see the car with key symbol flashing on your Nissan dashboard, you should figure out the problem. If you see the symbol flash for a few symbols when you turn the key, this means your anti-theft system is working correctly.

If your car does not recognize your key, you will then see the car with key symbol flashing. In this scenario, your car won’t start.


Can the Anti-theft System Be Turned Off?

Although it’s not advisable, you can turn off the anti-theft system. This can be done by simply using your car remote and pressing the unlock button.

If this doesn’t work, you can park the car. Get out and close all windows. Once done, lock the driver’s side door with the key. It would help if you used a different key to unlock the car.


Does the Anti-theft Symbol Prevent the Car From Starting?

The obvious answer is yes. The purpose of the anti-theft system is to prevent the theft of your car. The system will prevent the car from starting if it does not recognize the key inserted into the ignition.

How does this happen? The anti-theft system switches off the fuel. This way, the car cannot be started using a duplicate key or hot wiring. The system also triggers a loud alarm to notify bystanders of a break-in.



It’s essential to always be aware that your car is functioning correctly. Even if it’s new, you should still pay attention to the dashboard and ensure everything works properly. Contact your service professional if you notice some systems acting up. We hope this article helped you understand everything about the car with key symbol on your Nissan dashboard.

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