What Does ”Full Accessory Power Active” Mean?

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Every car driver has been there – you’re driving and enjoying the views, and you suddenly hear a beep. Curious, you look down and find that there’s a weird symbol appearing on your dashboard. It’s common to start assuming something’s wrong with your car at this point.

Fortunately, not every symbol blinking on your dashboard is a sign of warning. Features like “Full Accessory Power Active”, for instance, provide you with insightful details about the power supply available for your vehicle’s accessories.

If you’re also seeing this prompt on your dashboard, you’ll find this guide really interesting. Let’s go:


Full Accessory Power Active – What Exactly It Is?

The Full Accessory Power Active warning is an indication that helps you determine whether you have enough charge in your vehicle’s battery to be able to use the accessories without losing any electrical power or not. It’s, in fact, a good sign to see come up on your vehicle.

You can easily disable the feature to save battery from draining, and it’s even recommended to use only when necessary. The function allows certain electric functions to work after you’ve turned off the ignition in your car.

While the systems that are powered with the function vary based on your vehicle’s make and model, some examples involve power windows, radio, seat warmers, and more. The feature can be really helpful in certain situations, such as when waiting for someone while listening to the radio.

However, since it works with your car battery’s power, it is essential to turn it off when not required.


Accessories Active with The FAP Feature

While the accessories that remain active with the Full Accessory Power feature can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, in general, systems that are commonly kept active when FAP is engaged include:

  • Radio: Many people tend to keep the radio powered on even after they’ve turned off the ignition, allowing them to enjoy their favorite songs on the go. This is a convenient feature for those who like to listen to music or other audio programs while they wait in the car.
  • Power Windows: It also helps you keep the power windows of your car active, thereby allowing you to easily roll them up when required. 
  • Automatic Climate Control: The FAP feature can also keep the automatic climate control running even after the car is turned off. The feature comes really handy when you’re in hot areas as it allows you to stay comfortable regardless of the external environment. 
  • Interior Lights: The FAP feature can also keep the interior lights powered on, which is useful if you need to look for something inside of the vehicle, especially in dark areas or if you’re parking in a dark area. 
  • Auxiliary Power Outlets: some cars have this feature to keep the power outlets active, like USB charging ports, which can be useful to power other devices while waiting in the car.

LCD screens, powered seat adjusters, and various other electrical features stay working with the FAP feature, and it can vary depending on the vehicle, but they are also common to be active when the FAP feature is on.


How To Activate and Deactivate the FAP Feature?

Here’s how you can activate and deactivate the Full Accessory Power Active feature in your car:

  • Activating the FAP Feature: The process of activating the FAP feature can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, but in general, it is typically done by either turning the key to the accessory position or hitting the dash button.
  • Deactivating the FAP Feature: Just as with activating the FAP feature, the process of deactivating it can also vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. In general, however, the FAP feature can be deactivated by turning off the car or by pressing the same button you used to activate the feature again.


Where To Find the FAP Feature?

The location of the FAP feature can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. The feature is typically found on the dash or close to the ignition switch. It can be represented by a button or a switch.

Some Ford Explorer models have a dash-mounted switch with the “ACC” label; this switch needs to be pressed to activate the FAP feature. If you are having trouble finding the FAP feature it’s always best to consult the owner’s manual for specific instructions on where to look for this feature.


Should You Really Use the FAP Feature?

The Full Accessory Power (FAP) feature can be useful in some situations, such as keeping your radio or GPS running while waiting in the car, but it’s important to remember that it will drain your car’s battery. So, should you really be using the FAP feature?

The answer is, it depends on the situation. The FAP feature can be helpful in certain situations, such as when you need to keep your car’s interior cool or warm while parked, or when you want to keep your radio or GPS running while you wait.

It’s best to use it only when necessary. One example is when you’re waiting in a remote area and you want to keep your radio running, or you have to keep an eye on your phone navigation while waiting for someone, or if you are in a location where there is no power outlet to charge your phone.


Tips To Make the Most Out of The FAP Feature

To ensure you use the FAP feature effectively and efficiently, here are some tips to consider:

  • Utilize the feature after a long drive: Your vehicle’s battery will have a sufficient charge after a long drive, therefore making it an ideal time to use the FAP feature.
  • Limit its use to a short period: It’s important to remember that prolonged use of the FAP feature can quickly drain your vehicle’s battery. Only utilize the feature for as long as it’s required.
  • Turn off any unused accessories: To conserve your vehicle’s battery charge, it’s important to turn off any unused accessories while utilizing the FAP feature.
  • Monitor the battery level: Regularly check your vehicle’s battery level while utilizing the FAP feature. If the battery level starts to drop, turn off the feature and allow it to charge.

In conclusion, the FAP feature can be a useful addition to your vehicle, but it’s important to use it responsibly and be aware of the impact it can have on your vehicle’s battery.


Final Words

The Full Accessory Power (FAP) feature is a handy option found in modern cars, allowing certain systems to keep running even after turning off the ignition. It’s great for keeping your music or GPS on while waiting in the car, but be aware that it drains your battery. To use the FAP feature safely and efficiently, check your car’s manual. 


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